Be the HOST SCHOOL in your State/Region 

As Educand Education Initiative progresses into a new Season of the academic year, we invite schools (other bodies too) to join us as stakeholders in making the season the best season yet.

Outlined below are benefits and requirements to have the hosting rights for this Season of the Nigeria Spelling Bee.

Note: No payment is required to host the Spelling Bee.


Stated below are minimum requirements that will be best suited for most states. Some states may require more space or may not use up all space. So we encourage you to apply and await endorsement.

  • Hall capacity of at least 200 single seats.
  • An easy-to-find location
  • 250 single chairs and 4 tables
  • Stage area (an elevated platform at the front of the hall)
  • Well ventilated or aerated space (i.e. large windows, fans, AC units)
  • Standby power supply for the duration of the contest
  • Sound Public Address System with at least 2 microphones


  • Requirements for the National Hosting Right may include accommodation and feeding for up to 130 persons for a 3 day period.
  • The competition may last up to 12hours in largely populated states or may be split into more than one day.

Hosting Application Form

Feel free to fill the application form below, provide pictures if available (it will ease the process) and a member of our team will contact you if your school is selected.

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