SPELL&THRILL! takes students, parents and teachers through adventurous intellectual engagements together thereby helping to break intergenerational low educational and literacy skills. SPELL&THRILL! does much more by creating platforms for student to student camaraderie and also opportunities for students to showcase the fruits of their diligence outside of the classroom environment.

The SPELL&THRILL! intervention competition project got endorsed by UNESCO for the purpose of combating the propagation of hate speech, fake news and terrorism while fostering proper use of the internet, intercultural dialogue and cohesion among citizens.

Our goal is to handsomely incentivize and reward the academic diligence exemplified by parents, teachers before and during the actual competition processes. We aim to give rewards that are at par with global standards.
Your support can help make this achievable as this will also help us improve the overall execution standards of the competition.

The SPELL&THRILL! competition platform offers flexible support and branding opportunities for your CSR programmes.

From great partnerships come great successes.